60°9.251′N, 24°59.453′E

This tiny island, just 150 m long, is part of the Suomenlinna district, located between Helsinki’s market square and the Suomenlinna fortress island.

Helsinki market square to Lonna

The water bus leaves from the market square’s Kolera-allas pier. The island is only 1.5 km from the mainland, so the journey takes just seven minutes.


Island hopping

Three sights with one ticket – in summer 2018, the JT-Line Island Hopping boat will stop at the three most popular island destinations in Helsinki (Lonna, Vallisaari and Suomenlinna). You can hop off the boat and continue your journey as you please.

Boats welcome!

The concrete pontoon dock at the north end of Lonna has six buoys. The water depth is approximately 1.2 metres at the shore end of the dock and about four metres at the other end.

Booking transportation

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