We are trying our best to take many different aspects of sustainability into account in our operations. That’s why the UN sustainable development goals are a very good basis for our operations.

We have the Good Travel Seal certificate and based on that we have been assigned Sustainable Travel Finland label, starting February 2023.


We know our operating environment well. We value and respect it in everything we do.


We are committed to act fairly towards everyone, promoting physical, psychological, and social well-being.


We cherish cultural heritage in our operating environment, and we want it to be preserved for future generations as well.


After the pandemic, we still have a road to travel towards the financial balance. But we are committed to going towards the times where we would be ready to face, for example, new financial challenges. However, meanwhile we are still doing our best to continue providing jobs in the archipelago and move towards balanced economic growth.


By investing in quality in different areas, we can offer better moments and experiences in the archipelago. In terms of overall experience, atmosphere, food, drink, service and visual aesthetics.


We believe that everyone is equal regardless of age, gender, origin, or sexuality. We value all kinds of people; everybody has a place in our community.


We do not want to burden anyone’s health with our activities. We offer occupational health that supports well-being at work. We thrive to provide channels where our employees can talk about life’s joys, any sorrows, or funny moments.


We want to enable and provide a place where everyone feels safe. For the employees and the island guests. Safe place to be, visit, enjoy themselves or work, as who they are.


We want understand the risks facing our operations as well as possible. Make try to make changes based on them in order to operate as well as possible in relation to our operations. Currently, the biggest risks that require management are the prevailing energy crisis, inflation, and labor shortage.


We strive to communicate and handle unfavorable events as quickly and clearly as possible. Whether it’s a large power outage, too stormy rough seas, or interrupted service on the island due to the health reasons, we will immediately communicate as multi-channel as possible.