Welcome to our sauna!

Lonna’s public sauna is located on the island of Lonna in the archipelago just in front of the city center of Helsinki. Starting the season 2023, all the days will be mixed sauna days.

There are two loft saunas which are heated up with wood burning stoves. Washing areas are located downstairs and nine steps will take you to to the loft sauna areas. With us you can experience a calm and almost sacred feeling of the traditional Finnish sauna. Sauna building is built solely with natural materials. It is made of masterfully handcrafted wooden logs that are left untreated.

Starting times are staggered the way that for the both sides, 12 seats are available every hour. Sauna is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Sauna pass is good for two hours in total. Outside the saunas, there is a large terrace, which opens to a spectacular view of the archipelago. Sauna area is fully covered by liquor license and we are happy to serve you refreshing beverages.

We want to keep our sauna open for everybody, so unfortunately private sauna is not possible.

Lonna’s sauna suits only for respectful, peaceful and relaxing visits. We like our guests to keep the atmosphere and conversation calm respecting the unique sauna etiquette.  We want everybody to feel safe. That’s the way we make sure the sauna moment is memorable and tranquil for you, us and the other guests. Thank you!

Every day is a mixed sauna day. Both our saunas are always in use for all the genders. There will be separate changing rooms for men and women. When making a reservation, for the time being, you need to book your pass for the men’s or women’s changing room. We also provide a unisex changing room on site. You can enjoy our sauna the way you feel the most comfortable, with or without bathing suit.

Sauna fee is 20 euros / guest and the pass is good for 2 hours in total. No reservations needed for the children under age of 12, but please let us know in advance on the reservation comment section. Charge includes soap, shampoo and seat cover. Towels (€9) can be rented separately from the reception. Reception is located at the old guard house next to sauna.

We highly recommend booking the sauna beforehand. Please arrive a bit ahead of your reservation time. You can easily visit our bar before for a little snack and a refreshing beverage?

If you feel like swimming we recommend taking suitable shoes that you can walk to the sea with. Path to the swimming area is quite rocky.

Want to eat something delicious at our restaurant before or after the sauna? Please find our table reservation system here.

Public sauna is designed by OOPEAA, Office for Peripheral Architecture. It opened to the public on 2017.

Welcome to our sauna!