Our gorgeous event space by the sea in Helsinki

Meeting day or summer party? Corporate event or wedding? What if you could invite your guests to the lovely island of Lonna at Helsinki’s archipelago?

Adorable island of Lonna is located only a ten-minute ferry ride away from Helsinki’s Market Square. The atmospheric Mine Storehouses provide a variety of different event and function possibilities. There has been everything between 25-guest crayfish parties to 400-guest easygoing summer parties.

These historic storehouses are inside sturdy stone walls which define beautifully the area for your private event. Between these two mine storehouses you will find a partially covered 400m2 terrace with gorgeous views of the archipelago. A perfect surrounding for your summer event!

“Long wait was finally over. The whole party crowd gathered at the terrace. I loosened up my tie and the sun was shining. During that moment the glass of champagne tasted pretty amazing. Summer!!”


Come and enjoy the atmosphere of the Mine Storehouses!