What is Lonna?

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect summer day. Maybe you’re thinking of the fluttering of the waves, the warmth of the sun against your skin, delightful conversations and laughs with your dearest family and friends or you’re amazing colleagues. Imagine sipping your favorite cup of coffee while watching cute couples walking by hand in hand, children playing their favorite games or seeing international guests take their very first steps in Finnish archipelago. Maybe you are dreaming of new encounters in a safe, historically interesting and picturesque island while listening your favorite music?

The island of Lonna is a safe place for you and us. The island, where we create good moments. Spending the day at Lonna will make you smile and relax, that’s a guarantee. We warmly welcome everybody with an open mind regardless of age, gender, sexuality or origin. Especially you, are extremely welcome! For us, every island guest is worth gold and we want to make your day the most memorable. Dogs are also welcome to the island to our terraces and coffee shop.

Located only a 10-minute ferry ride away from Helsinki’s Market Square, you’ll experience Finnish hospitality at its best here at Lonna. Enjoy locally sourced, organic tasty delicacies at our restaurant or spend your time relaxing at our 5 star, critically acclaimed public sauna. You might find yourself at the beach cliff gazing the most gorgeous sunset in Helsinki or spending time at our bars terrace sipping your favorite drink. Our lovely staff is always ready to share their best tips for the perfect sunny getaway.

Lonna is the feelgood oasis where we will make sure to take the best care of you ❤️

See you at the island of Lonna!!