Our gorgeous banquet venue by the sea

In 1880, Lonna was turned into a collection and storage site for naval mines. Brick storehouses were built on the island. Another building, used for working with the mines, was built between the storehouses. The mine storehouses are still standing, but the other building is now reduced to ruins. The railway laid across the island dates from the same period. It was used to connect the mine storehouse to the piers where mines were loaded onto ships.

The island was used as a mine storehouse for a Finnish garrison from 1920 to 1933, until the mines were moved to Melkki island. At this point, the work at Lonna was focused on clearing mines.

Now these old mine storehouses are brought back to life as their banquet halls were opened to the public 2016.

The banqueting area is separated from the rest of the island with a huge old stone wall. Inside the wall are two old brick storehouses and a large 400m2 terrace. Each storehouse can host approximately 120 people, providing ample space for different types of events. For example, one of the storehouses can be used for dining while the other can be set up for dancing. On a sunny day, the large terrace offers a magnificent view of the sea.

Come and enjoy the atmosphere of the mine storehouse!